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TMI Leads technology to manage information

TMI Leads processes a vast amount of information each month.  They offer their service in over 30 markets.  In providing about 60 leads per market this includes approximately 1800 leads per 4-5 week cycle.

On average it requires 75 – 90 phone call to find just one leads.  So on the low side it takes a total of 75 * 1800 = 135, 000 to 162, 000.   On average this is 148,500, say roughly 150, 000 peer 4  to 5 week cycle.

This translates into 1,782,000 calls in a 12 month period.

The challenge is managing and coordinating the extremely large databases of businesses in the various markets.

Managing this vast amount of data would be nigh impossible without some sophisticated technology solution. Here is a more detailed discussion of TMI Leads technology.



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TMI Leads Technology

TMI uses a sophisticated CRM to manage the large amount of information they process and distribute to their customers.


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