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St. Louis Office Moving Leads

Office Moving Leads Company TMI is currently ramping up their operation in the St. Louis area. The commercial relocation leads service is currently offering monthly lead packages of 50 and 25 companies that are moving within the St. Louis area included in area codes 314 and 626. These commercial relocation leads are used by a number of different industries in over 20 US locations including: commercial movers, telecom equipment providers, office furniture companies, computer network, cable, wiring, security, janitorial, sign companies, printers, contractors, office installation companies, office equipment companies, commercial shelving and more. To learn more go to


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Commercial relocation sales leads – what are they?

Commercial relocation sales leads are key information on a company’s planned move or expansion. The sales lead can contain different information, but at a minimum you would want the company name and contact information, a contact person, size of the company and time frame for the move.


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