Office Removal Leads in London

London Removal Leads boundary is the Thames

London Removal Leads boundary is the Thames

TMI Leads’ Office Removal Leads service to London in the UK is about to get expanded this quarter.

A company spokesperson was quoted to say that “by dividing our current London office removal leads package of all moves / new locations within the M25 into 2 separate lists or areas, with the Thames acting as the market boundary dividing line. The London North and City area will cover the EC,Wc,E,N,NW,UB,HA area codes. The London South area will offer removal leads in the W,SE,S,SW,Cr,BR,TW area codes.”

When asked how this would benefit their UK customers, they went on to say “We expect this expansion to help customers in two ways. For customers requiring more office removal leads to keep their sales force a maximum capacity, this will double the number of removal leads available in the larger London area. Secondly, for customers requiring a more specific geographic location for their sales leads, this separation will give them the ability to focus in on the part of London that they most want to or are best able to serve.”

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