Office Removal Leads in London

London Removal Leads boundary is the Thames

London Removal Leads boundary is the Thames

TMI Leads’ Office Removal Leads service to London in the UK is about to get expanded this quarter.

A company spokesperson was quoted to say that “by dividing our current London office removal leads package of all moves / new locations within the M25 into 2 separate lists or areas, with the Thames acting as the market boundary dividing line. The London North and City area will cover the EC,Wc,E,N,NW,UB,HA area codes. The London South area will offer removal leads in the W,SE,S,SW,Cr,BR,TW area codes.”

When asked how this would benefit their UK customers, they went on to say “We expect this expansion to help customers in two ways. For customers requiring more office removal leads to keep their sales force a maximum capacity, this will double the number of removal leads available in the larger London area. Secondly, for customers requiring a more specific geographic location for their sales leads, this separation will give them the ability to focus in on the part of London that they most want to or are best able to serve.”

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Office Removal Leads Company expands in UK into Birmingham and Manchester

Office Removal Leads Company expands in the UK

TMI Leads ( the Canadian Office Moving Leads Company is expanding its UK reach to include Birmingham and Manchester. They will also be expanding their service in the London area to include both sides of the Thames River.

Office Moving Leads Company TMI to serve Birmingham, Manchester

TMI leads had been serving several UK markets in the past but had suspended service due to an earlier economic downturn and market conditions. More recent upturns in the business climate and improving economic conditions, the company believes will contribute to more favorable environment for the “Office Moving Leads” service.

Office Removal Leads will also be offered in southern London

More commonly known as Business or Office Removals in the UK, the Office Moving Leads service, provides lists of companies that are planning to change their locations. When these companies move, typically they have requirements for a number of different services and products because they are moving.

The Moving Leads Company is responding to increased demand for the service in Birmingham, Manchester and London as companies in various industries in these locations continue to look for better methods of generating new business. Go to the company website for more information

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TMI Leads Blog to be listed in Geography Based Blog Directory

Office Moving Leads Company TMI Leads Blog to be listed in Geography Based Blog Directory See the following: Business Directory for Coquitlam, British Columbia

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St. Louis Office Moving Leads

Office Moving Leads Company TMI is currently ramping up their operation in the St. Louis area. The commercial relocation leads service is currently offering monthly lead packages of 50 and 25 companies that are moving within the St. Louis area included in area codes 314 and 626. These commercial relocation leads are used by a number of different industries in over 20 US locations including: commercial movers, telecom equipment providers, office furniture companies, computer network, cable, wiring, security, janitorial, sign companies, printers, contractors, office installation companies, office equipment companies, commercial shelving and more. To learn more go to

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TMI Leads technology to manage information

TMI Leads processes a vast amount of information each month.  They offer their service in over 30 markets.  In providing about 60 leads per market this includes approximately 1800 leads per 4-5 week cycle.

On average it requires 75 – 90 phone call to find just one leads.  So on the low side it takes a total of 75 * 1800 = 135, 000 to 162, 000.   On average this is 148,500, say roughly 150, 000 peer 4  to 5 week cycle.

This translates into 1,782,000 calls in a 12 month period.

The challenge is managing and coordinating the extremely large databases of businesses in the various markets.

Managing this vast amount of data would be nigh impossible without some sophisticated technology solution. Here is a more detailed discussion of TMI Leads technology.


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TMI Leads for Moving Companies embedded video


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TMI Leads videos

TMI Leads has a number of video presentations for different industries available for viewing online.

Industries included are
Moving Companies, Telecom equipment companies, Office Furniture Companies, Security companies, Computer Network companies, Cable & Wiring companies.

TMI Leads for Moving companies

TMI Leads for Telecom Equipment companies

TMI Leads for Office Furniture

Industries not included in video presentations are commercial real estate, contracting, beverage vending, sign companies, janitorial services,

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